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Nowatec Technology - Innovation Award Winner

Nowatec Technology awarder with Krakow Technology Park Innovation Award for ....

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Welcome to Nowatec Technology

Nowatec Technology - a consulting engineering company specializing in the design and structural integrity assessment of structures and installations subjected to extreme loads.

Our focus is on innovative structural design in developing concepts, functions and materials.

The key experience and strategic working areas of Nowatec Technology include:
* Structural design and assessments using non-linear Finite Element Method
* Assessment of aerodynamic and fluid-structure interaction using CFD Method
* Hazard engineering
    o Explosion and fire design
    o Road safety
    o Air traffic safety
* Application of new materials

Continuous development of technical procedures and design philosophies, participation in joint industry research and development projects, large investments in computer software and high performance hardware, combined with our engineers' extensive knowledge and experience ensure that our clients' targets are met.


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